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Thursday, 30 July 2009
The American political system consists of two parties, namely the Republican and Democratic Party. In addition to the two parties mentioned, there are three more parties named Constitution party, Green party and the Libertarian party. The US political party system has always been two party systems between the republicans and the democrats. The main role is played by the President of the US and all the powers are vested in the hands of the President. He also plays an important role in the formation of the bi party system. History has shown that there has been intervention of the third party called the socialist party in the bi party system but it never affected the emergence and the dominance of the two major parties the Republicans and the democrats. However this concept of third party however failed due to upward mobility.

The structure of the political parties of US political system seems to be liberal and they have a decentralized political system in their country. There is always an enmity and rivalry between the two parties. At the time of voting, the parties form an alliance between the conservative republicans and the democrats against the liberal republicans and the democrats.

uncle sam