VW Hyper-efficient XL1
Sunday, 06 February 2011
We all know that fossil fuel supplies are dwindling fast, and automakers are now scrambling to create fuel-efficient vehicles that can effectively squeeze every drop of fuel inside your vehicle. In fact, Volkswagen has just recently showcased their much aspiring and hyper-efficient XL1 vehicle, whereby the vehicle boasts 313mpg, while running on a 48hp engine which is assisted by a 27hp electric motor.

Basically, the car would be coming to the German market, and the US and China market would soon follow suit. However, the respective XL1 would only be produced in a small number. Also, the car would run on a diesel engine with less than one liter of displacement. Well with fuel prices continue to skyrocket over the years, perhaps it’s wise to settle for such hyper-efficient vehicles instead?

VW Hyper-efficient XL1

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