Imagination Technologies Unveils Series 6 PowerVR GPUs
Thursday, 24 February 2011
The graphics processing market is surely extremely competitive, as countless of microprocessor manufacturers have come up with their GPUs over the recent years. And just when things start to get even more interesting, Imagination Technologies have announced their latest Series 6 PowerVR GPUs that promise to offer 20 to 100 times more graphics processing capability when compared to its predecessors.

Generally, the GPU has enough graphics processing power that is comparable to today’s desktop computers, and best of all, the GPU consumes a mere miliwatt of power in order to operate. On the other hand, Imagination Technologies have plans to include the Series 6 into various smartphones in the market, and they will disclose such information within the next 3 months.

Imagination Technologies Unveils Series 6 PowerVR GPUs

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