Mercedes-Benz Debuts B-Class E-Cell Plus EV Concept
Friday, 16 September 2011
I always find concept cars to be extremely fascinating, as clearly, these machines are equipped with top-notch gears, and the car design is simply revolutionary too. Apparently, Mercedes-Benz has recently unveiled their latest B-Class E-Cell Plus EV concept vehicle, in which the electric vehicle made a grand debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently.

Basically, the B-Class E-Cell Plus EV is powered by a 136-horsepower electric motor that can cover up to 62-mile range. Onboard the hybrid vehicle also contains a 67-horsepower 1.0-liter 3 cylinder turbocharged gas engine, in which the engine can extend the range of the vehicle by up to 373 miles. Generally, the car would rely on the petrol engine to charge the lithium-ion battery when traveling at low speeds. The B-Class E-Cell Plus EV clocks in at 11 seconds for 0-62MPH, and has a top speed of 93MPH for battery-only and extended range mode.

Mercedes-Benz Debuts B-Class E-Cell Plus EV Concept

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