Trade Show Displays
Friday, 14 October 2011
I have attended many majestic trade shows in my lifetime, and I am always amazed by the ingenuity of the advertisers, in which they always outdo themselves every year, when it comes to their trade show displays design. Typically, trade show displays are always decorated with bright lights and fast-moving animations that are played on a loop-back basis on gigantic screens. The objective of such design is to attract potential prospects that are thronging the exhibition area, to visit the exhibit booths. On the average, one out of ten prospects can be converted into paying customers, which justifies the viability of creating a crowd-pulling trade show display.

Generally, most advertisers would resort into setting up a trade show display using the truss system, as the truss store is extremely versatile and can accommodate various design requirements. Furthermore, the truss store is also tremendously cost effective, which helps advertisers to reduce their setup cost to a more manageable level. Also, advertisers would further personalize their allocated exhibition area with custom logo floor mats, graphic tents, table top displays, furniture, pop-up displays, display panels, presentation tools, light boxes, and many more. Surely, setting up a well-planned trade show display can definitely enhance the visibility of your exhibition area, giving your business an advantage over your competitors, don’t you agree?

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