Spray-on Antenna
Wednesday, 15 February 2012
We all know that sometimes the onboard antenna on our smartphones is simply insufficient in receiving signals from the telecommunication tower. Of course, there isn’t a way to increase the size of the respective antenna – up until now. Dubbed as the spray-on antenna, the respective solution allows anyone to maximize the radius of their antenna, simply by spraying the solution on any objects.

Developed by Chamtech Enterprises, they claimed that their spray-on solution is more lightweight, and energy efficient when compared to current technology. Also, the startup’s CTO, Rhett Spencer, claims that their spray-on solution can boost the mobile phone’s energy efficiency by at least 10 percent. Unveiled at Google's inaugural Solve for X shindig, I’m pretty sure that the spray-on antenna solution can definitely be practical for telecom infrastructure.

Spray-on Antenna

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