Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The King Of Big Screen Smartphones
Thursday, 16 October 2014
A couple of years back, Samsung was jeered for producing exceptionally large smartphones, which is not practical for usage, as clearly, you need 2 hands to hold the smartphone, and it takes a lot of space inside your pocket too. Well, it looks like the large smartphone trend is heating up more than ever, with mainstream players like Apple entering into the big phablet market.

Nevertheless, Samsung has definitely been one of the best large-screen smartphone manufacturers for the past couple of years now, and they have increased their lead with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is practically indestructible, and it also has one of the best large display screens as well too. According to tests run by independent labs, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s screen projects the most accurate colors, and it has exceptionally good contrast ratio too.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: The King Of Big Screen Smartphone

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