Tire Changers
Monday, 12 October 2015
Just last week while I was traveling to work on a working morning, I heard a loud noise from the back of my car. Three miles later, I found out that my back tire burst due to vigorous daily usage, and that prompted me for a tire change. A quick visit to the tire shop was quite a pleasant one, as the respective shop is well equipped with various tire changing equipments, and they made the place extra comfy too. The entire tire changing ordeal lasted half an hour only, and I used the time to take a closer look at their tire changers. A quick glance at their equipment reveals their tire changers are pretty heavy duty, and they can perform tire change for any type of vehicle. After talking to the shop’s owner, he revealed that he buys great tire changers at BestBuyAutoEquipment! A simple tire changer can cost roughly $1,000, while high-end ones are priced in the five-figure region. Well, I got my car tires changed and they even performed a tire alignment for me for free. I would sure recommend my friends to change their tires at this tire shop, as their services are simply awesome.
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